The best geocache locations in Uusimaa, Finland

Geocaching in Uusimaa

Geocache locations in Uusimaa, Finland, can lead you to the most beautiful nature destinations and sights. You can often find geocaches in lean-to shelters or along scenic nature trails. But which nature locations have a good amount of geocaches in the coolest setting? We won’t be revealing any geocaches, but we can give you few tips about where to go when looking for them and wanting to enjoy beautiful Finnish nature. National parks are naturally a good place to start, but there are many other scenic trails where you can collect some caches along the way. Here is our guide for the best nature destinations for geocaching in the Uusimaa region.

Note! As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation is still evolving, we encourage geocachers to follow the most current guidance from public health authorities when choosing whether to participate in activities such as geocaching. Because of the situation in Finland, publishing of new geocaches has currently been suspended.

The most recommended geocache locations in Uusimaa

Kopparnäs-Störsvik recreation area in Inkoo is not only a great outdoor area, it also hosts tens of geocaches along its trails. The best part is, that most geocaches in Kopparnäs are regular caches, available for those without premium membership. There are mystery caches and few multi-caches as well.

Meiko recreation area in Kirkkonummi has a series of caches along its trails, especially the 8,3 km long trail called Meikonkierros. Here you can admire spectacular views down to the lake.

What comes to geocaching, Uutela has it all. Uutela urban trails include regular caches, many multi-caches, mysteries as well as few earth caches. You can easily spend a day geocaching in Uutela in the eastern part of Helsinki.

Few geocaches in easy-to-reach locations

Geocache micro

Rantaraitti in Espoo is a seaside promenade that has couple of caches for example in Haukilahti. The area has two marinas and several beaches. Taking a walk on the shore, looking for geocaches, sounds like a perfect afternoon.

Gallträsk in Kauniainen is a lovely small lake area that is perfectly suitable for a lazy stroll to enjoy the absolutely huge spruce trees and oak trees. And a fun multi-cache along the way.

Myllykoski rapids and Koskikara nature trail in Nurmijärvi is one location worth checking out by the geocachers. This destination can be easily reached by public transport from Helsinki, and Myllykoski rapids in Vantaanjoki river is a cool nature sight to check out. The few geocaches in this area are not too challenging but remember to avoid muggles!

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