Out in the Nature Quiz – Winter birds in Finland

Winter birds in Finland

It’s time to test your knowledge on winter birds in Finland with our latest quiz! Most birds in Finland migrate away to warmer areas in the fall. Bird species that remain in Finland over winter have adjusted to cold. For example, grouse and capercaillie, woodpeckers, crows, tits, tree climbers, hippies, and some owls can be encountered in Finland in winter. Some birds migrate within the country from their nesting areas to flowing rivers or near bird feeding stations. Bird feeding is essential for many species’ survival.

In order to survive the harsh winter months, most winter birds acquire an extra layer of fat during the fall. Birds that use plant-based food and predators survive the Finnish winters best. Snow coverage can help many birds by providing insulating layer for the night. Dropping temperature at night is the biggest challenge for winter birds’ survival. Cold weather is even more dangerous for smaller species, who struggle to keep themselves warm. Many birds such as tits can gather together to sleep.

Are you familiar with Finnish winter birds? Do you think you can recognize them? Take our fun bird quiz below!

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