DIY projects for nature enthusiasts

DIY projects for nature enthusiasts

Welcome to our DIY projects page for nature enthusiasts. Here you’ll find a collection of creative and sustainable projects that celebrate the nature in many different ways. From lean-to shelters to birdhouses, insect hotels, and butterfly bars, these DIY projects give plenty of inspiration for your garden and forest. So, grab your tools and get ready to be inspired!

How to build a lean-to shelter

Lean-to shelter

Are you wondering how to build a proper lean-to shelter that is suitable for barbecuing and will last for generations? Get inspired by our little lean-to shelter construction project that we had few years ago. In this post, we’ll walk you through the main steps in building your own lean-to shelter. From selecting a location to processing materials and constructing the shelter, we’ll cover the basics on how to make a sturdy and reliable shelter best suited for day trips and barbecuing. If building a lean-to shelter is not your forte or you lack the appropriate land for such a project, don’t worry. You can still enjoy the great outdoors by utilizing one of the many public lean-to shelters located along nature trails throughout the country. In fact, you’ll find an abundance of these shelters situated in various locations all over Finland. Are you familiar with lean-to shelter etiquette?

How to make a DIY birdhouse from a log

Making birdhouses

Are you interested in creating your own birdhouse from a log? Spring is the ideal season to take on such a project, and we’ve got just the inspiration for you. Building birdhouses is a fun and fulfilling endeavor that also provides a convenient way to observe feathered friends in your yard or garden. With many bird species facing a shortage of suitable nesting sites, constructing a birdhouse can make a meaningful impact. The most common birds that need birdhouses in Finland are great tit, blue tit, coal tit, pied flycatcher, spotted flycatcher, common starling, true sparrow, tree sparrow, common redstart, common swift, northern wryneck, western jackdaw, common goldeneye, and common kestrel. Although we already have numerous birdhouses in our yard and cottage, there is always room for more. Join us as we craft a unique and cozy home for our avian neighbors.

How to build an insect hotel for the garden

Insect hotel

Insect hotels are structures constructed with the purpose of providing shelter for pollinators, particularly in urban areas. Pollinator populations worldwide have experienced a significant decline, with up to 40% of these essential creatures facing the threat of extinction. The widespread use of pesticides in agriculture is a major factor contributing to this alarming trend. In response, there is a growing movement in Finland to protect pollinators, and building insect hotels is one effective way to get involved. By constructing an insect hotel, individuals can raise awareness about this critical issue and encourage smarter consumer choices that support the preservation of these vital species. These hotels are particularly useful for gardens that require insect pollination. While pre-made insect hotels are available for purchase at hardware stores, constructing one on your own is a simple and fun task that can be easily accomplished. Check out how we made our insect hotel and whether it had any guests in the first winter.

DIY butterfly feeder and other ways to attract butterflies

DIY butterfly feeder

One of my greatest joys has been creating my own DIY butterfly feeder and experimenting with various methods to lure these delicate creatures into our garden. I’m especially enamored with the Finnish term for this type of feeder, known as a “perhosbaari” or butterfly bar. In a way, I feel like a bartender serving up sweet nectar for my fluttering clientele. Me and my dog Nalle love to witness different butterflies and watch them thrive in our garden. Read more about this fun little DIY project that can make you feel extra connected to nature in your own yard, patio, or garden. Can you guess which butterflies did my butterfly feeder attract first?