Out in the Nature Quiz – Finnish Nature Quiz for Kids

Nature Quiz for Kids

Finnish nature quiz for kids is meant for approximately 3-7 year old children. It includes fun trivia questions with multiple choices. All questions are related to the Finnish nature. Pictures provide tips for younger kids but older ones manage just well without them. The answers are revealed at the end of each question.

Download printable version of the Finnish nature quiz for kids here, it allows you to take it with you on a nature trip or picnic. Enjoy the quiz!

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Other educational stay at home activities

Fun and educational stay at home kid activities during coronavirus pandemic are always needed. Here’s one pro tip: WWF Finland provides live wildlife cams on animals such as Saimaa seals. The endangered freshwater seals that live in Lake Saimaa are rare sightings, but thanks to WWF we can all enjoy watching their sunbathing on a rock. This is the fifth year when WWF has provided these seal webcams for us. One of the seals to often be spotted on camera is called Pullervo. Kids love to watch if Pullervo can be spotted on camera.

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