About our bloggers

We are a group of nature enthusiasts who love nature and appreciate its importance in all of our lives. The outdoors has always been a source of energy and wonder, but also a place to calm down and relax. We know how important nature and the great outdoors is to us, so we want to encourage everyone to enjoy nature but also to help all to learn more about it and protect it for the future.

Introducing some of our bloggers

Jenni has always loved travelling and has seen many faces of the world. From Mongolia to Australia, and from China to the United States, she has been able to explore several wonders of the world. Jenni loves spending time outdoors fishing, picking berries, and foraging for mushrooms. In Finland Lapland has a very special place in her heart.

Tarja has wanted to be a tour guide since childhood, and even though she ended up on a different career path, her life has still been very much focused around exploring, and getting to know new cultures and people. She has travelled the world extensively, and the nature has always been important on her travels from the slopes of a volcano in the Philippines to the deserts of Jordan, from glaciers of New Zealand to the fjords of Northern Norway.

We have many other regular bloggers who are keen to share their love for the Finnish nature with everyone. If you share our values and like to explore the nature in Finland, get in touch with us to contribute your stories to the site. We welcome new bloggers to our group at anytime!

Out in the Nature provides to you an informative and fun platform for reading and sharing experiences in the nature in Finland. Let this be an inspiration for you to head outdoors and enjoy the cleanest air in the world!