Out in the Nature Quiz – The definitive ice quiz

Fast ice

Everyone knows what ice is like, right? Ice is one of the three states of water along with liquid and vapour. Easy. Ice forms when temperatures dip below freezing, and it’s a normal occurrence at least in Finland during winter. Anyone can ace a quiz about ice.

But, be honest – how well do you really know ice? 

Did you know that shuga is a type of ice? Or are you familiar with nilas? Surely, the formation of icebergs is familiar to you. 

Oh, in case you didn’t know: shuga is that porridgy mushy ice that is suspended on water just before it forms fully into a continuous sheet of new ice called nilas

Feeling confident? Ready for our playful ice quiz? Let’s go!

Pictures in the ice quiz are by our bloggers Tarja and Patrik. 

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