Nature in Finland

Nature in Finland consists of forests, lakes, sea, tundra, and bogs. Finland is the number one destination for a nature lover since it has the cleanest nature in the world and four amazing seasons that provide various conditions for different nature activities. Finnish nature is very versatile and there are endless amounts of interesting nature destinations to experience.

What to see out in the nature in Finland?

In our site we have divided our stories into different subcategories that help you to find interesting sights within the country.


Curiosities mean nature sights that have interesting history or they are otherwise peculiar places to visit. From rock churches to saivo lakes and from giant’s kettles to ancient burial sites, curiosities are fun and educative sights that arouse your interest for sure. Sometimes they might be complete mysteries.

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National parks

There are 40 national parks in Finland. The Finnish national parks are protected areas where visitors are welcome. They are run by Metsähallitus, Parks & Wildlife Finland, which gets funding mainly from the national budget. The oldest national parks were established back in 1938, and the newest is currently from the year 2017.

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Outdoors but indoors

Outdoors but indoors refers to nature centres and nature-related exhibitions and museums that are usually indoors. Don’t let the rainy days bother you, go visit outboors but indoors!

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Recreation areas

The recreation area associations aim to maintain and develop recreation areas within their area. The recreation areas can be found in the following regions:

  • Uusimaa recreation area association has a network of 40 recreation areas in the capital region and its surroundings
  • Häme recreation area association maintains 18 areas in the Häme
  • Pirkanmaa association has 8 recreation areas within 14 municipalities in its region
  • Kymenlaakso lists 13 destinations that they maintain
  • Päijänne has 14 recreation destinations within the lake Päijänne area
  • Saimaa association has 4 areas in Puumala, Ristiina, Savonlinna and Mikkeli
  • South Karelian foundation for recreation areas has 13 recreation areas to maintain

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Viewpoints compiles together all of those nature destinations where you will have lovely views over Finnish landscapes. Whether they are birdwatching towers, observation towers, or high grounds in general, these are the place to visit when you want to see far and beyond.

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Wilderness areas

There are 12 wilderness areas in Finland. They are located in remote wilderness in Lapland and they are suitable for trekking for the experienced hikers.

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Welcome to experience the nature in Finland together with us!