Photo trip at dawn

Person in a dark forest lit by a headlamp.

PR Sample provided by Valostore. I enjoy nature photography and am on the move often just before sunset. It can get a bit tricky to tweak the camera settings if you forget to take some form of light source with you. Heading back home using just the phone’s flashlight can be a struggle. I have some budget quality lamps, but recently had the chance to test the Lumonite Pixel 250 headlamp kindly provided by Valostore.

Lumonite Pixel 250.
Lumonite Pixel 250

Dawn photo trips with the Lumonite Pixel 250 lamp

I tested the lamp on a photo trip to the Meiko area at Kirkkonummi, providing nice sunset views from higher ground. Even if new snow prevented total darkness for a while, the lamp made it easier for me to move on the snow-covered, icy and rocky trail to the cliffs. The Lumonite Pixel 250 was also useful when setting up my camera gear and settings. This could be done with the lowest of the three power settings, which was one of the pros of the lamp. Minimal light is good for operating any device in the dark but it doesn’t affect your night vision. A red light would have been even better. There’s also a moonlight power level I didn’t remember to test this time.

Person in a dark forest lit by the headlamp.

The power settings could be switched by holding the power button until the you got the desired power level. As a winter photographer, I appreciated that I could operate the lamp and tilt it without taking off my gloves. However, the lower power levels also meant a more narrow light beam, which made it harder to see where you are stepping. The strongest power level of 250 lm lights the environment well and will give you almost two hours usage time. The low setting of 25 lm gives you 19 hours, so it all comes up to the circumstances and your preferences.

Image of the three power levels side by side.
Three power levels of the Valostore Lumonite Pixel 250 headlamp

After strolling around in the forest with my camera for one hour, it was already very dark. The highest power level made the dark forest bright as if it was day, and it was a real pleasure to walk back to the car. I was afraid that the battery would die due to the cold -8C temperature, but I had no problems. I guess it’s always good to have a backup light with you, preferably kept in the warmth of your jacket.

The Lumonite Pixel 250 headlamp comes with an USB-charging cable that attaches magnetically to the lamp. A standard USB-cable would be better so that you are not tied to that specific cable. It takes about two hours to fully charge.

Person in a dark forest lit by the headlamp.


All in all, the lamp was a positive surprise based on the first testing experience! I will certainly take it with me on all my hiking, photography, moto and boating trips. It’s a real light-weight power package in a small size.


  • Small size
  • Powerful
  • Gloves on operation


  • Narrow light beam on lowest power setting
  • Non-universal USB charging cable. 
Sunset in the Meiko area.
Sunset in the Meiko area

Need light?

For those interesting in buying the Lumonite Pixel 250 headlamp or perhaps another lamp, head to Valostore online shop. The online shop showcases all the different add-ons you can purchase for each of their lamps. You can also compare different products and choose the best one for you.

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