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Levi in Kittilä municipality is ideally situated for taking excursions to nature during summer and autumn. Unlike most tourists tell you, Finnish Lapland is much more than just snow, reindeers, and Santa Claus. Lakes, rivers, fells, and forests in surroundings of Levi area provide a great variety of nature and many outstanding places to see and experience for any outdoor enthusiast. Kittilä and its neighboring municipalities Enontekiö and Muonio are vast areas worth exploring. Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park close to Levi is marvelous, but it is not the only nature sight that Western Lapland has to offer. Read more to get to know these easy daytrip destinations from Levi.

Summer in Lapland is great for nature lover


The changing of the seasons in Lapland is dramatic as harsh and snowy winters are the complete opposite of warm and green summers. Yes, we do have summers in Lapland, and no, we don’t have snow all year round. While most tourists visit Lapland for the snow during winter and spring, summer is the best season to enjoy the clean and peaceful nature if you are into hiking, fatbiking, fishing, or any other summer activities.

The snow begins to melt in April and May. That is when many migrating birds return but mosquitos haven’t been born yet. The summer begins in June, when it’s time for bright nightless nights with sun never setting. July and its last weeks are usually the warmest times of the summer before harvest time in August and more rains. Berries such as blueberries and Lapland’s golden cloudberries can be picked mainly at the end of July and early August. Mushroom foraging follows the berry picking season in the autumn. Cooler air in September brings along colors of autumn, which is a popular hiking season in Lapland simply because of its beauty. First snowflakes arrive usually in October.

From June to September, you can enjoy the nature in Lapland without the snow coverage, and that is when you should check out these nature excursion destinations. The easiest destination is of course Levi fell itself, read more about it here: Discovering the beauty of Lapland on Levi Peak Trail in Finland

10 best summer excursions to nature from Levi

Here are 10 fascinating places to visit when you are based in Levi during summer months. Take a note of these for you next road trip!

  1. Akanrimpi bird watching tower and lean-to shelter, 10 km from Levi
    The Akanrimpi bird watching tower in Köngäs village approximately 10 kilometers north of Levi is a quiet spot near road for an easy excursion or picnic in the nature. The tower is overlooking Akanrimpi wetlands and has a great variety of birds especially from May to June.
  2. Ruoppaköngäs rapids, 22 km
    Ruoppaköngäs area consists of a small Pahikkojärvi lake, rocks surrounding the lake, and a small Kulkujoki river with Ruoppaköngäs rapids, which are somewhat hidden in the forest. It is located close to Muonio-Levi road in Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park. Ruoppaköngäs is only about 200 meters from the parking lot, but the terrain is not suitable for everybody.
  3. Perhejärvi nature trail, 30 km
    Instead of tourists you might encounter some gnomes in this few kilometers long nature trail in Tepasto village in Kittilä, about 30 kilometers north from Levi. The trail departuring from Tepasto’s school leads to Kaakkurilampi and Perhejärvi lakes with few barbecue huts along the way.
  4. Red sand beach Punainenhiekka, 45 km
    The Punainenhiekka beach is located in the heart of Pallastunturi fell on the south shore of Pallasjärvi lake within Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park. The path to the beach from the parking lot is only about 300 meters long, and there is a barbeque place and a wilderness hut at the site.
  5. Särkitunturi fell, 50 km
    The Särkitunturi fell in Muonio has amazing views to Pallas. Easy nature trail leading to the top is about 3 km long oneway and it has a beautiful lean-to shelter in halfway.
  6. Puljutunturi fell and Pulju wilderness area, 65 km
    The Puljutunturi fell in the north of Kittilä has great views to the Pulju wilderness area. A small Varkaanvaaranjärvi lake near the top provides a nice setting for a lean-to shelter approximately 3 kilometers from the parking lot.
  7. Pakasaivo lake, Hell of Lapland, 80 km
    Lake Pakasaivo in Muonio is also known as the Hell of Lapland. The beauty of Pakasaivo as well as mythology make it a quite peculiar place. Pakasaivo and nearby Kirkkopahta were also old Sámi places of worship. A short 100 m trail leading to the Pakasaivo lookout point is accessible for children’s buggies and people with physical disabilities.
  8. Sami sacret site Taatsi seida, 85 km
    Taatsi seida by Taatsijärvi lake is perhaps the most famous ancient Sami culture site where the local Sami people brought offerings to the gods. It is located in Pokka village in Kittilä, about 85 kilometers from Levi towards Inari.
  9. Hietatievat sand dunes, 100 km
    Hietatievat in Enontekiö are sand dunes worth visiting. They are ridges of sand and other sediments deposited by meltwater from a retreating ice sheet. Close to the Hietatievat dunes you will find Kalma’s lean-to shelter by Käkkälöjoki river as well as Kalmankaltio wilderness hut.
  10. Fell Lapland Visitor Centre & nature trails in Hetta, 120 km
    Hetta is a village that hosts the Fell Lapland Visitor Centre, which presents the genuine Nomadic Sámi Culture and the diversity of northern nature in Enontekiö, a little over 120 kilometers north from Levi. There are many hiking trails departing from the Fell Lapland Visitor Centre.

Levi excursions in a map

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