Discovering the beauty of Lapland on Levi Peak Trail in Finland

Levi Peak Trail

The Levi Peak Trail in Finland provides outstanding views of Finnish Lapland in summer. This 600-meter-long peak trail caters to those who want to get a quick glimpse of the Finnish arctic nature without days of hiking in wilderness. You don’t even have to hike up Levi hill; you can catch a ride to the summit with a scenic lift!

Lapland, often referred to as Santa’s homeland, is renowned for its untouched natural beauty and vibrant Northern Lights. Levi in Kittilä is the biggest ski center of the country, attracting over 750.000 visitors annually. The peak of the Levi fell is at an elevation of 531 meters (1,742 ft) above sea level. If you are visiting the Levi area in the summer, we highly recommend getting to the top of Levi.

Getting to the Levi summit by a scenic lift

There are multiple ways to summit Levi but this time we opted for Gondola2000. It departs from Levi Activity Park. Return tickets for one adult and two kids cost thirty-five euros in total. I purchased the tickets from the ticket machine, and we went through the gates to the lift. The scenic lift is running constantly, its doors open automatically, and you hop on it while the lift is moving. The doors then close, and the cabin lift glides smoothly along the western side of the fell, offering a convenient and comfortable ride. It took only about 5 minutes to take us three hundred meters up the hill to the summit. During the summertime, the trails of Levi Bike Park meander below the lift, providing a fun view for passengers. The kids were ecstatic to see riders coming down the hill.

Levi Gondola2000 scenic lift

During the winter season, the lift serves the nearby Levi Black slope, which is one of Finland’s steepest slopes. Traditionally, it hosts the annual alpine skiing World Cup slalom competition. The lift cabins carried the names of the World Cup participants.

There are many other ticket options available for those who are heading to the Levi Bike Park, but for tourists visiting the Levi Summit Trail, these are the main options:

Gondola2000Kids (ages 6-11)Adults (ages 12+)
Oneway7,50 €9,50 €
Return ticket10,50 €14,00 €
Levi Gondola2000

Another cabin lift, Levi Express, is located at the center of village Sirkka. It takes you from Zero Point (Hissitie 8) to the upper station of the Front Slopes, right next to the congress center Levi Summit and the hotel Levi Panorama.

The Levi Peak Trail

Palovartija cottage is located at the top of Levi at the upper station of Gondola2000 lift. The building is an old fire guard’s house, which was used for fire watching in the 1960s and 1970s. The outdoor terrace offers a spectacular view of the Aakenus-Ylläs-Kätkä fells. You can buy some snacks and drinks from the Palovartija kiosk. Commencing right next to the Palovartija cottage, the Levi Peak Trail embarks on a clockwise journey encircling Levi fell’s peak.

Levi Peak Trail in Kittilä, Finland

Along the trail, six rest areas await explorers, providing moments of respite amidst the stunning natural surroundings. Additionally, a designated fireplace invites hikers to gather and immerse themselves in the enchanting theme of the trail, aptly named ‘Nature’s Celestial Stories.’ One family was having a barbecue at the fireplace, and the smell of it accompanied us around the trail.

Levi Peak

Directions to Levi Activity Park for Gondola2000

Gondola Lift
Gondolitie 5
99130 Kittilä

When to visit: The Gondola2000 is open during the summer season (22.6.-1.10.2023) daily at 10-18, weather permitting.

Accessibility: The cabin lift and Peak Trail are suitable also for families with baby strollers and for people with a wheelchair. Dogs are also allowed on the Gondola2000.

Special to know: From the upper station of the Gondola2000 lift, you can also get to one of Levi’s most photographed sceneries, Santa’s Cabin. It is situated between slopes number 11 and 13. You can reach the cabin on foot or catch a glimpse of it from the lift. We were wondering why on earth would Santa have a cottage here as he lives in Korvatunturi in Lapland. One would assume that he has a summer house in Spain.

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