Out in the Nature Quiz – How well do you know Finnish mushrooms?

Finnish mushrooms

Do you think you can recognize many Finnish mushrooms growing wild in the forests? There are over 2000 mushrooms in Finland, and roughly 10% of them are edible. Are you a beginner in the mushroom forest or experienced mushroom foodie? Take our newest nature quiz to find out how well you know Finnish mushrooms!

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Never ingest any Finnish mushrooms unless you know them

These pictures in the quiz should not be used to identify any mushrooms. There are lethally poisonous mushrooms in Finland. Also, some mushrooms are deadly when raw but incredibly delicious when properly prepared. Therefore you not only need to correctly identify mushrooms, but also have the knowledge on how to prepare them.

In order to identify mushrooms correctly you need more than one bad photo of it. You need to know the environment where that mushroom grew and possibly utilize other senses than just sight. You might want to smell the mushroom, cut it, or even taste it to be absolutely sure you recognize it.

If you are beginner with mushrooms, it is always good to ask someone to confirm your mushroom identifications. You could contact for example Finnish Mycological Society or the Martha Organisation, to locate an expert. If you suspect possible poisoning, you may contact the Poison Information Center for an advice.

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