Out in the Nature Quiz – Can you match the autumn leaves to the trees?

Autumn leaves quiz

Autumn leaves are falling down. What a month ago was beautiful fall foliage is now turning to bare trees as deciduous trees are shaking off their leaves and getting ready for winter. Walking on a forest trail full of autumn leaves made us wonder if we recognize all of the leaves on the ground. Have you ever wondered how well do you know autumn leaves and Finnish trees?

Finland is situated in the North Europe, at a latitude of between 60 and 70 degrees north. Part of Finland is located above the Arctic Circle, but because of the Gulf Stream there are forests even in the northernmost parts of the country. Forests cover 23 million hectares or 74% of the land area in Finland. There are about 30 tree species in Finland. The most common tree is pine.

One of the best features in Finnish nature are four seasons. Autumn is considered to be the season when the daily mean temperature remains below 10°C. So, the autumn begins at the end of August in northern Finland and about one month later in southern Finland. The leaves are changing colors as nature is preparing for the upcoming winter. Biologically this pigment change happens due to lower temperatures and shorter day length. Leaves gradually lose chlorophyll during the growing season, and this loss accelerates before leaf fall. It is such as remarkable phenomena throughout the heavily forested country that in Finnish it is known only by one word: ruska.

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Can you match autumn leaves to the trees

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