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Mushroom quiz

It’s time for another fun mushroom quiz! The best mushroom season in Finland is usually from August to October. It is when you can find chanterelles, boletes, and many other delicious mushrooms in Finnish forests. In Finland, everyman’s rights allow anyone to pick mushrooms freely without any permits.

In this quiz, we are asking if you can identify these Finnish mushrooms. This is the second mushroom quiz on our site with 17 new mushrooms to identify. It doesn’t include the most common mushrooms that have been featured in the earlier and perhaps easier quiz: Out in the Nature Quiz – How well do you know Finnish mushrooms?

Are you an experienced mushroom picker or still learning how to tell the difference between edible mushrooms and toadstools? Do you think you are good at identifying Finnish mushrooms? Take our newest mushroom quiz and test your knowledge!

Pictures in the quiz should not be used to identify any mushrooms. We take no responsibility on wrong identifications of any mushrooms. Remember that there are many poisonous mushrooms growing in Finnish forests, including some shown in this quiz. It’s extremely important to identify mushrooms and to know how to prepare them correctly.

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