Out in the Nature Quiz – What kind of nature traveler are you?

Out in the Nature Quiz - What kind of nature traveler are you

What kind of nature traveler are you? Do you enjoy short walks out in the nature or would you rather challenge yourself by trekking? Are you equipped with the latest gear and pro-level digital camera with micro lens or do you rather utilize nature as your resource and forage berries or mushrooms and go fishing or hunting? Does adrenaline rush make you feel alive or is nature more about mindfulness to you? Take our fun quiz to find out more about yourself! We will also recommend you a perfect nature destination in Finland based on your nature traveler personality.

Love for nature combines many of us, but even as nature travelers we are all different. It is easy to understand that people are different when it comes to traveling. Some are foodies and always want to try out the local cuisine. Some value the same vacation destination year after year. Some prefer to go on adventures and try something new every time. This same applies to nature traveling.

Finland’s nature is versatile and offers something for everyone any time of the year. Rugged fells of Lapland provide peace and quiet for hikers and skiers. Duckboards allow you to explore bogs and marshlands, and birdwatching towers allow you to observe birds, if wildlife is your thing. Nature trails in the forests vary by length and difficulty, and there are many wilderness huts, lean-to shelters, and fireplaces to utilize.

What kind of nature traveler are you? And which Finnish nature destination suits your nature traveler personality the best?

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Many thanks for the featured image of cross-country skiing track in Asikkala Finland to our friend Outi T.

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