Out in the Nature Quiz – Can you identify these Finnish butterflies?

Summer butterflies in Finland

It’s time for another fun Out in the Nature Quiz, this time about Finnish butterflies. Do you know what is Finland’s national butterfly? Or are you good at identifying butterflies in general? Our latest quiz leads you to the wonderful world of butterflies that you may encounter in Finland.

Climate change and its consequences have a major impact on nature in Finland. Changes in temperatures and snow cover are directly affecting biodiversity, and biodiversity loss is a great concern. Climate change impacts nature also in positive ways. It has brought new butterfly species to Finland in recent years as Finnish summer temperatures begin to resemble conditions in the Baltic region.

Photographing butterflies is fun and makes it easier to identify different butterfly species. Even newbies like us have been able to capture some photos of the most common butterflies. We collected them into this quiz. Test your knowledge on Finnish butterflies by taking the quiz below!

Did you manage to identify all of these butterflies? Please comment below! Check out all of our fun nature quizzes here.

Photo of the rare butterfly by @outipoppis.

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