Out in the Nature Challenge 2020

Out in the Nature Challenge

Happy New Year! We would like to invite you to take part in Out in the Nature Challenge 2020! We want to encourage everyone to spend more time in the nature. Why? Because being out in the nature reduces stress, makes you feel better, and contributes to your physical well-being. Finnish nature has a lot to offer so we thought to offer a helping hand to even the most experienced nature travellers because sometimes everyone needs fresh inspiration for exploring the nature. Hopefully this inspires you to try new things and most of all, enjoy what is around us in this amazing country. Let us know if you participate on this challenge!

Out in the Nature Challenge 2020

Here are 20 things to do out in the nature for everyone, regardless of the previous experience or fitness level:

  1. Visit one of Finland’s 40 national parks
  2. Walk on duckboards
  3. Go birdwatching
  4. Pick up wild berries or mushrooms
  5. Spot wild animal tracks
  6. Walk on a frozen lake
  7. Swim in a lake, river, or sea
  8. Look for “old man’s beard” lichen or usnea in a forest
  9. Visit giant’s kettles
  10. Go cross-country skiing
  11. Find your balance on a stand up paddle board
  12. Pick up trash from the nature
  13. Find a geocache
  14. Capture a stunning fall foliage photo
  15. Visit the Finnish archipelago
  16. Have a mindful moment in the nature
  17. Visit a historical site in the nature
  18. Learn to spot a glacial erratic rock
  19. Visit whitewater rapids in late spring to marvel at their strength
  20. Ask a Finn to teach you how to make a bath broom (vihta or vasta) for sauna, relax in a Finnish sauna, and remember to use your vihta.

The following 20 things are slightly more demanding for those who need a bigger challenge:

  1. Hike up a fell
  2. Admire the Northern Lights
  3. Catch a fish
  4. Cook lunch at a fireplace (and possibly chop firewood for the next visitor)
  5. Go iceskating on a frozen lake
  6. Go iceswimming
  7. Visit rock paintings
  8. Gather wild herbs
  9. Go snowshoeing
  10. Go canoeing
  11. Volunteer in a nature conservation project
  12. Hide a geocache
  13. Capture a stunning wild animal photo
  14. Visit a lighthouse island
  15. Visit a Finnish UNESCO site
  16. Relax in a traditional Finnish smoke sauna and improve your blood circulation with a good swim or by rolling in snow after sauna
  17. Sleep a night in a lean-to or in a goahti (teepee)
  18. Go winter-cycling on a fatbike
  19. Do some orienteering
  20. Prepare traditional Finnish crêpes (lettu) on a flat iron griddle pan (muurinpohjapannu) outdoors.

Are you up for the challenge and aim to complete all 20+20 within year 2020? Below you can see some of our favourite pictures relating to some of our suggestions and seasons. Have fun!

Cyclist admiring the sunset in Kopparnäs
Uutela trails in Vuosaari Helsinki
Kukkolankoski at Tornionjoki river
Marttila wilderness trails 6
Koli national park
Liesjärvi Kaksvetinen barbeque hut
Kayaks in Keilaniemi
Blueberries are superfood
Vattukuru duckboards
Snow shoeing
Aulanko ice swimming
Fatbiking in the winter
Uutela sea and cliffs
Kukkolankoski at Tornionjoki river
Roihuvuori cherry blossom season
Marttila wilderness trails
Koli panorama
Liesjärvi Kaksvetinen barbeque hut
Capital area canoeing
Blueberries are superfood
Vattukuru duckboards
Nuuksio Haukkalampi
Mustio statues
Porkkala small pond
Bridge to Malonsaari
Sipoonkorpi ice
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