Protected marsh Heinisuo in Hämeenlinna

Heinisuo duckboards in Renko

Heinisuo in Renko in Hämeenlinna is a marsh that welcomes hikers with a short circle trail around the marsh with duckboards along the way. The protected area is about 390 hectares and consists of different types of bogs, boreal forests and a spring. Heinisuo is part of Hämeen Ilvesreitti, Häme Lynx Trail, which is a 250 km long trail network that combines many wonderful outdoor areas and national parks such as Torronsuo and Liesjärvi National Parks in Häme Lake Uplands region in Finland. We visited the Heinisuo on a Friday afternoon in April and we were the only ones on this trail.

Circle trail around Heinisuo is 2,5 km long

The circle trail is marked with yellow signs and it is easy to follow. We started walking the trail anticlockwise for no particular reason. The beginning of the trail was in a dark spruce forest and still icy in April as there had been people walking on the trail during snow. There were many trees that had fallen down and they were only cleared from the trail as in protected areas the trees are left on the ground.

Fallen trees at Heinisuo

Once we arrived to the beginning of the duckboards, we were happy to see that they were dry and not slippery at all. On the duckboards we heard a nearby shooting range that broke the peace and serenity of this place. On the duckboards we also realized that we were not completely alone – in the distance there was a swan couple. The marsh was really wet, but the duckboards were in pretty good condition and we easily made it over the marsh with dry shoes.

Heinisuo in Renko

On the other side of Heinisuo marsh we climbed up a hill and continued on the trail in the forest. Again there were tens of trees down on the ground providing excellent home for insects. There were also few logs as bridges to help us cross tiny creeks on the trail.

Directions to Heinisuo in Renko

Heinisuo parking area
Pillisuontie 96
14300 Hämeenlinna

How to get there:

  • Car: Heinisuo is easiest to get to from the road 10 between Forssa and Hämeenlinna. First turn to Suvipielisentie, follow that and the signs to Heinisuo until you turn left to Pillisuontie. There is a small parking lot by the road on the Pillisuontie. To find the beginning of the trail, walk to either direction along the road and see the trail going into the forest. See map below for the 2,5 km long circle trail.
  • Bicycle: Cycling is normally allowed on the Häme Lynx Trail, but I wouldn’t recommend this short trail for cycling due to the fallen trees and duckboards.
Heinisuo map

Accessibility: The nature trail is not accessible for all, but the area is suitable for families with children without a pram.

Facilities: There are no facilities along the Heinisuo circle trail, but Heinisuo lean-to shelter can be found nearby if you continue the Häme Lynx Trail to southwest pass Suvipielinen. Please note that lighting fire at the lean-to shelter is only allowed when the forest fire warning is not in effect. You can check that at the Finnish Meteorological Institute’s website.

Special to know: The area is in very natural stage as it is protected by Natura 2000. Do not trash. Kindly keep your dog on the leash for not to disturb nesting birds. Birds in the area include swans, cranes, capercaillies, kestrels, golden plovers, and different species of owls. The area is also home to flying squirrels. One protected plant in the area is endangered type of a moss; Herzogiella turfacea.

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