Which traditional Finnish deity are you?

ancient deity forest

Join us on a mystical journey through the rich tapestry of Finnish mythology as you discover which ancient deity resonates most with you. In a world of thunderous skies, enchanting forests, and boundless seas, each deity holds unique powers and influences over nature. Answer these 8 questions inspired by the most important gods and goddesses of Finland to unveil the divine traits that mirror your own. Embrace the magic, explore the elements, and let the wisdom of these legendary Finnish deities guide you on your quiz quest.

Make sure to share your result with your friends and let them know which Finnish deity you resemble! We would also like to hear from you so feel free to tell us your result in the comments. You can learn also more about what Ukko, Ahti, Tapio, Äkräs, Tuulikki, Ilmarinen, Mielikki, and Kalevatar mean in ancient Finnish mythology.

Have fun, and don’t forget to check out our other quizzes, too! For example, you can test your knowledge of butterflies, berries, and ice, or see what kind of a nature traveller you are.

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