Christmas surprise at Kettumäki in Liesjärvi National Park

Kettumäki in Liesjärvi National Park

Kettumäki is located in the eastern corner of Liesjärvi National Park. This small area was officially added to the national park in 2016 after years of debate over the threat of logging. Kettumäki is a short fitness trail in Liesjärvi, and I highly recommend it for families with small children or elderly people. It is especially nice during December.

Nalle looking for foxes

Kettumäki, which can be translated as fox hill, has 1,4 km long circle trail with street lights. The trail is wide enough for prams, but it has few roots and one big hill on it. It’s turned into a skiing track in winter, but now there was only light snow on the ground so we were able to hike around the area with Nalle. Nalle was convinced there were some foxes in the forest. Or maybe a lynx?

Lynx trail at Kettumäki

Hämeen Ilvesreitti, Häme Lynx Trail, cuts right through the Kettumäki hill. We were curius and had to walk also along the Lynx Trail. The trail at Kettumäki took us to a high ridge. Some pine trees here were massive, probably over 150 years old.

Old pine tree

There is a barbeque place along the trail and close to the fireplace we found a Christmas calendar with number 18. Apparently, the lovely people in the village have created this Christmas calendar all around the village to attract everyone outdoors. If you collect all the letters in the calendar and figure out the password, you can participate in a New Year’s draw to win a bucket!

Christmas trail of Liesjärvi

The addresses for all Christmas calendar locations can be found on Facebook page Luonnollisesti Liesjärvi. The calendar locations can be visited until the end of December, and we are already looking forward next year. What a great idea!

Update: Christmas Calendar for 2021 is open!

Directions to Kettumäki

Kanteluksentie 783
31350 Tammela

You can access the circle trail from several different directions. There are small parking lots on Kanteluksentie 783, Liesjärventie 619, and even Metsäkouluntie 69. The Lynx Trail is marked in red in the map below.

Kettumäki map

How to get there:

  • Car: Kettumäki is located close to road 2. It can be reached for example from Kanteluksentie road, which passes through the Liesjärvi National Park. Please note that Kanteluksentie is unpaved and it can get soft on wet weather. Kettumäki can also be reached from the other direction from Liesjärventie road.
  • Bicycle: The cycling route is the same road cars use.
  • Public transport: You can get to Liesjärvi by bus from Forssa. The closest bus stop to Kettumäki is called Liesjärvi kylä. Check out tickets and timetables at Matkahuolto website. There aren’t many buses per day.

Accessibility: The 1,4 km circle trail is wide and suitable for wheelchairs and children’s buggies, but there are some roots, one softer area and one big hill.

When to go: Any time of the year, but there might be skiing track in winter. Please do not walk nor let dogs walk on the skiing track. There are street lights but they are not necessary on all the time during dark.

Special to know: Nearby Eräkeskus Metsäkouluntie used to be a school of forestry. Now the facilities and yard can be rented for events and accommodation.

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