Vilkaharju nature trail part 2 – A stunning view over Saimaa

Vilkaharju nature trail

The best part of being a fairly new cottage owner is, to be able to explore all the new surroundings and finding beautiful places. Today we decided to walk the second part of the Vilkaharju nature trail. From the parking lot we walked over the street away from the information signs. After a short walk on the sand road, the path turns to the left.

Vilkaharju nature trail

First, we walked through a swamp, and continued walking through spruce forest with blueberry bushes on a tiny path leading to a bit wider sand road.

Uphill at Vilkaharju

At the end of the sandy road, there is a stone age dwelling site. You can still make out the shallow depressions which are the remains of stone age houses. This path has also sign posts with history and pace information. After this site one has the possibility to go to the leant-to shelter by the beach to grill sausages. The official path narrows again going uphill.

After a bit of a steeper climb, we got to a lookout spot on top of a cliff, overseeing the town of Sulkava and the starting point of the annual Sulkava boat race. From there we went down again. The path itself is a very narrow winding path with more ups and downs, than its counterpart.

Throughout most of the trail we got a nice glimpse of the lake through the forest.  At some point we arrived at a big boulder which was moved there during the last Ice Age.

Ice age boulder along Vilkaharju nature trail

We continued walking around the bolder to a small staircase.

From that point on the trail gets a bit cozier and it cocoons you with trees. The last part leading to the starting point is again birch tree based and is surrounded by grass.

Vilkaharju pine forest

Directions to the Vilkaharju nature trail

Vekarantie 250
58700 Sulkava

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