Someron Koirametsä dog forest: Where dogs and nature meet

Someron Koirametsä dog forest: Where dogs and nature meet

Someron Koirametsä, also known as Somero Dog Forest, is a recently opened gem that offers a delightful forest retreat for dogs and their owners. Located in the small town of Somero, in Proper Finland, between Salo and Forssa, this enchanting dog forest is a vast, natural playground where dogs can roam freely and owners can unwind in the middle of nature. The best part is that when you book and pay for your visit to the fenced dog forest, the whole area and its newly built facilities are reserved exclusively for you. Whether you’re a local resident or a traveler seeking a unique experience, Someron Koirametsä is the perfect spot to visit with your dog.

I’d like to mention that this post isn’t sponsored. However, due to my connection with the dog forest, this is a biased review of the location.

The perfect setting for adventure

Someron Koirametsä is located in the idyllic countryside of Somero, a town renowned for its agriculture, forests, and tranquil ambiance. As you arrive, the first thing that strikes you is the expansive space dedicated to the forest. Covering nearly three hectares, it’s designed to provide plenty of room for dogs to explore, play, and socialize. The entire area is fenced, ensuring a safe environment where dogs can run off-leash without any worries.

This dog forest consists of a spruce-dominated forest, with green moss and blueberry bushes covering the ground. The air here is crisp and clean, filled with the scent of pine and the gentle rustling of aspen leaves. With its trails and abundant natural beauty, Someron Koirametsä is more than just a dog forest, it’s a sanctuary where nature and our four-legged friends can truly connect.

Niila practicing his balance

Facilities and features of Someron Koirametsä

You need to make a booking and pay in advance to receive the access code to the gate. In this dog forest, you can lock the gate behind you once you’ve entered, ensuring that nobody else can enter by accident while you are there.

Someron Koirametsä dog forest gate

The forest contains an array of features tailored to enhance the experience for both dogs and their owners:

  • Walking trails: Winding through the forest, these trails offer a variety of terrains. They provide a stimulating environment for dogs to explore new scents and sights, and they make it easier for owners to enjoy some exercise as well.
  • Outhouse: For those who travel from afar, an outhouse is conveniently located near the entrance.
  • Barbecue hut and picnic tables: Scattered throughout the forest are several benches and picnic spots, perfect for taking a break, enjoying a meal, and soaking in the natural beauty. The barbecue hut is at your disposal whenever the forest fire warning is not in effect.
  • Paw washing station: The forest can have muddy areas after the rain. Recognizing the need for cleaning paws after a visit, the facilities include a paw washing station at the parking lot.
  • Waste disposal: To keep the area clean and pleasant for everyone, there are numerous waste disposal points.
Someron Koirametsä dog forest barbecue hut

Tips for a great visit

To ensure a pleasant experience for everyone, here are a few tips for visiting Someron Koirametsä:

Check the weather forecast: Since the forest is outdoors, it’s best to visit on a day with favorable weather. Rain can make some trails muddy and less enjoyable. There are few shelters from the rain, but if you or your dog don’t like the rainy or too warm weather, you can reschedule your booking easily directly in their booking system.
Bring essentials: While the dog forest does provide water station for washing paws, bringing your own drinking water is essential. Don’t forget to bring some treats for your dog and a picnic for yourself if you plan to stay for a while.
Respect the rules: Dog forests have quite many rules to follow. Familiarize yourself with the dog forest’s rules, which are designed to keep the environment safe and enjoyable for everyone.
Watch your dog: Keep an eye on your dog at all times, especially near the fence. Digging is allowed, but not near the fence.

Someron Koirametsä is a paradise for dogs and their owners. It’s a place where dogs can be dogs, free, happy, and adventurous, while their owners relax and enjoy the peace of nature. If you’re looking for a special outing with your dog, a visit to Someron Koirametsä should be at the top of your list. So, leash up your pup, pack your picnic basket, and head out to Someron Koirametsä for a day of fun, exercise, and connection with nature. Your dog will thank you for it!

Directions to Someron Koirametsä

To learn more about Someron Koirametsä, please check their homepage:

Tuulivoimatie 160
31400 Somero

Last year we visited smaller Koirakallionmetsä dog forest in Jokioinen. Needless to say, I’m estatic about this dog forest trend in Finland. Dogs deserve nothing but the best, and this Someron Koirametsä delivers. Which one is your favourite dog forest in Finland?

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