Paimio hiking trail – a well-hidden gem of Southern Finland

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Nature is full of wonders. Sometimes you can find it in a place you’d never anticipate. How about a day on a swamp? Scary? No worries, it will surprise you with its beauty and no alligators are on agenda, because the swamp trail is situated in Finland.

Paimio hiking trail is one of the hidden gems of Southern Finland, a breathtakingly beautiful natural site and a lesson of geology. 

Paimio Hiking Trail - The swamp
The swamp area

This hiking trail is pretty short, 4 km only, which is much shorter than two other paths (1) Paimio offers, however, it is the most spectacular of them. While it feels like an hour’s sprint, reserve at least 2-3 hours  for the trip. The trail itself is pretty easy, but the landscape is so picturesque, you’d definitely like to spend a while just enjoying it. 

Paimio Hiking Trail - The pine
Relict pine on the Paimio Hiking Trail

Despite the fact the route can be qualified as easy, it is not suitable for very small feet, so I’d recommend a carryback or baby carrier for children under 3 y.o. There are nice places for a break, where children can play safely, but a part of the route goes through a swamp area and turns rocky in the end.

Paimio Hiking Trail is safe for small babies while carried
Baby safety

The best time to visit Paimio hiking trail is from the middle of June to the end of October, if the weather is dry enough. After heavy rains give it a few days to dry to ensure your safety.

The trail starts from lowerslands and runs over the swamp to the watchtower through surprisingly varying terrain.

Natural wonders on the Paimio hiking trail

There are a few sights on the way, such as two-trunked pine tree, watchtower and ancient stone shore. 

Paimio Hiking Trail - The Two-Trunk Pine
The two-trunk pine tree
Paimio Hiking Trail - The Ancient Stone Shore
The ancient stone shore

Suo, piuha ja turve (swamp, cord and peat) is an exhibition in the old machine room of the peat factory situated next to the parking lot. It is the only building which survived the fire in 1960.

Unlike many other natural routes, Paimio hiking trail offers a place for barbeque and a hunter’s hut for rest. Those are in public use.

The trail is an ultimate place for natural studies, especially for children. Plenty of information boards are placed along the trail to tell the visitors about the species of Finnish nature, geology and history of the area. 

The watchtower was built for sightseeing only on the area’s highest plateau and it rises 97m dominating over the landscape. The tower offers an unabrapted (no obstacles) view  over the surrounding forest to the very horizon.

Paimio Hiking Trail  - The Watchtower
View from the watchtower

Please notice that cycling and off-road vehicles are prohibited on the route. It is for pedestrian use only. There are no rubbish bins on the trail, which is usual on Finnish natural trails. So, all the rubbish should be taken back to the city for disposal. Children should be supervised all the time for their own safety. The trail is not maintained in winter and moist rocks can be very slippery, so it is at your own risk to visit it then.  

More sites in the area

If it feels like you haven’t got enough of the Finnish nature, Paimio offers also two easy to walk routes suitable also for baby strollers and wheelchairs.  

Paimion Terveysrata (Paimio Fitness Trail) is 14 km long and runs through the center of the town to the recreation area. This route offers the possibility to admire The Paimio Church which was consecrated in 1689 and to visit the Paimio Electrical Museum – Paimion Sähkömuseo.

Another route is Hiekkahelmi Trail, about 15 km, running through Paimio recreational area, beginning and ending at Hiekkahelmi pond, a public artificial beach. So, you can combine hiking and beaching comfortably.

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Text & Photos: © Via Per Aspera Ad Astra

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