Lähteelä – seascapes and saunas

The Sunds Tower

The Lähteelä recreation area in Kirkkonummi offers a great variety of activities in a compact scale. The area, owned by the City of Helsinki, covers 134 hectares of land and 992 hectares of waters. The small-boat harbour and services supporting it play a key role in Lähteelä, but it is open for all. It is also very accessible for disabled visitors.

Beautiful seascape from the Sunds Tower

The Sunds Tower
Stunning views from the tower

Lähteelä is situated some 18 kilometres South of Kirkkonummi, on the Porkkala peninsula. Visitors are greeted by a 11,5-metre-high bird-watching tower, which is a short walk from the parking area. The wooden “Sunds Tower” may be scary for those afraid of heights, but the view from the top is magnificent. You can see for example the Gulf of Finland with far-away boat traffic, the Rönnskär lighthouse and even buildings in Espoo and Helsinki. Don’t forget your binoculars!

The main area with the small-boat harbour is 1,5 kilometres further South. You can choose between a smaller gravel road, suitable for walking and bikes, or the bigger one mainly for service traffic. The surface is excellent even for wheelchairs (presumably the booms at the parking lot can be opened remotely by contacting the area supervisor). The forests here vary from dense spruce forests to twisted pines in a more rocky setting.

Roads and paths in Lähteelä
Choose the route

From saunas to rowing boats

Near the small-boat harbour you can find numerous table-bench combos, fireplaces, a kiosk, saunas, a sandy beach and so on. There are common saunas, but if you prefer privacy, they can be rented too. The beach is close by for a dip in the refreshing sea! You can pitch a tent in the area for a small fee. If you don’t have a boat of your own, you can rent that too. For details, please see www.lahteela.fi (in Finnish only) or contact them by email info@lahteela.fi.

Fireplace in Lähteelä
Fireplace on two sides
Seascape in Lähteelä
There are many table-bench combos available

Perhaps a trip to the islands?

The rowing boats can be handy if you want to visit the area’s islands, such as Stora Svartön or Lilla Svartön (“Big Black Island” and “Small Black Island”). The distance is approx. one kilometre. The 20-metre cliffs on Stora Svartö offer nice views to the archipelago. Why not stay overnight tenting? For the moment the rowing boat for a one-day trip costs 18 €, but check the latest tenting fees before you go.

Rowing boats on the shore
Rowing boats waiting for summer

If you have the time and want a bite on your way home, you can visit the Porkala Marin Café or Restaurant Bryggan a few kilometres further South-West on the main road. Address: Dragetintie 108.

You may also want to check out the Maatilapuoti farmshop, café and bakery for coffee and local products. Address: Eestinkyläntie 316.

How to get there?

By car or bike (address: Läntinen Källvikintie 10).

Bus 902 takes you a few hundred metres from the main parking area. Timetables and route map available on the HSL website.


Very good roads from the parking lot to other parts of the area. Accessible toilet available. For enquiries regarding booms please contact info@lahteela.fi

When to go?

Open all year round!

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