Join us to celebrate Finnish Nature Day 31 August 2019

Finnish Nature Day at Korpudden

The Finnish Nature Day is celebrated on Saturday, 31st of August, 2019. We would like to invite you to the nature with us!

Whether you have lived in Finland all your life or you wish to explore the wonders of Finnish nature for the first time, now is your opportunity to do so for free and in English. To Finns, the outdoors has always been a source of energy and wonder, but also a place to calm, focus and relax the body and soul. Coming from a land of thousands of lakes and endless forests, we Finnish people are raised to appreciate the cleanliness of our nature and respect its power.

We meet at Korpudden around 10.30 in the morning. We will make our way around the Korpudden area but participants are welcome to enjoy the area on their own as well. The circular track is approximately 1.5km long. The Out in the Nature -blog will offer some hot drinks for participants. There is a campfire place with a flue available so even if a forest fire warning is in place, you will be able to heat up some food for yourself in these beautiful surroundings. Read more about Korpudden here: Korpudden – a hideaway with a view.

The event is in English and Finnish. Please note that Korpudden is not accessible to those hard of walking, for children’s buggies or wheelchairs. Especially the cliffs overlooking the lake require careful attention especially with children due sudden falls.

Join us to explore the beautiful views of Korpudden, a hidden gem of Southern Finland! You can also sign up for this event in Facebook.

Directions to Korpudden

Address:  Hållsnäsintie 519, Raasepori. Turn right from here onto a narrow, one-car-wide forest road going down towards the lakeshore.

You can either take your own vehicle (car, bike, etc.) to Korpudden but you can also use public transport. Public transport: take a train to Karjaa/Karis, from which there is a bus to Mustio castle at 9.30am. From Mustio castle, you can either walk to Korpudden (appr. 6km) or you can get in touch with us and we will try to pick you up from the bus stop around 10am. A bus back from Mustio to Karjaa/Karis departs either at 13.20 or at 17.00.

Other events on the Finnish Nature Day

There are many events organized around the country on this Saturday to celebrate what we Finns value the most, our nature. You can also head outdoors on your own and take a moment to enjoy the views, the cleanest air in the world, and the peacefulness that surrounds you in the Finnish nature.

You can find out more about the day and its celebrations from the official website of the Finnish Nature Day, maintained by Parks & Wildlife Finland, Metsähallitus.


  1. This article seems to be so amazing and soothing to read, never ever heard about this event earlier will surely read about it more and try to visit it soon after gathering enough of information on it apart from this will also share it with my friends for their assistance.

    1. Tarja says:

      Dear Kanika, Thank you for your kind message. We’re happy to share information about nature-related events and places to visit here in our blog. We will definitely make the Finnish Nature Day an annual event in our blog as well: next year we will choose another great place to visit with anyone who wants to join us!

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