Mindfulness in the nature helps to connect with yourself

Mindfulness in the nature

Nature gives you a chance to slow down and decrease your stress levels. Mindfulness can help you to get deeper connection not only with the nature but also with yourself. Nature itself creates all these health benefits and for example only 15 minutes in the nature lowers your blood pressure. Sometimes, even when you are in the middle of the most beautiful forest, you might be stuck in your head and not really present for the things around you. Nature is very good place to practise mindfulness and how to be present.

Some of us go to nature to do sports like jogging or skiing and it’s a great way to combine exercise and being outdoors. Nevertheless, it’s good to notice that if you are there chasing miles or kilometres, you might not enjoy nature itself. Even hiking can become stressful if you want to achieve more and more, faster and further. Going to too challenging trails might also cause negative stress for your mind and body. That’s why it is important to notice that you can consciously slow down and look around in the nature.

Flowers offers mindfulness moments

When we become more concious about nature around us, we naturally also appreciate it and take better care of it and ourselves. We are part of the nature anyway! Here are some tips for mindfulness that you might want to try while enjoying the nature. It’s not so much about the method how to do this, than it is about you and your conscious choice to see and feel the beauty around you.

Have a mindful moment

Have a mindful moment whenever walking in the nature. You can stand on the trail, on the beach, on the hill or where ever you want to stop. Close your eyes and take a deep breath in. Feel the breeze and hear all the sounds, near and far. Feel your feet on the ground and keep breathing deeply. Then open your eyes, look around and see all the colours and shapes. Is there something that catches your eye? Can you recognise any birds singing? Concentrate on all the different things what you can sense. If your mind starts to wander, bring your attention back to your sensations.

Feel the energy of the nature

Can you feel the energy of the trees, big stones and rocks? Even if you have never thought that there’s energy in plants or rocks, you can go closer and touch the surface and have a silent moment there. Maybe you even close your eyes for a while. You don’t have to try to feel anything but let sensations come in, views and ideas flow or just feel pure stillness. You can feel the energy coming through landscapes, beautiful views and even wind.

Deepening your connection with the nature around you helps you to be more present. When you are more present, you’re letting go of worrying of what’s going to happen tomorrow or how life has treated you so far. Mindfulness doesn’t have to be anything too complicated – enjoy this moment and feel the scenery around you as it is. You can bring this conciusness of present moment also into your everyday life.

Nature connectedness through mindfulness moments

Don’t mind about the weather, just feel it

Let the weather be what it is – don’t judge it to be good, bad or wrong in someway. Feel the weather with all of your senses. Is it hot or cold? Windy or calm? Maybe you can feel the rain or snow falling on your face. Try not to be bothered because of the weather but feeling it deeply and being grateful of what nature can create. In Finland we have a saying that there’s no such thing as a bad weather, there’s only wrong gear.

Layers are usually the best option to wear in Finnish nature in whatever season or weather. When you are moving, you might feel warm or even hot, but when you have your break, you might want to grap a jacket to keep you warm. Good equipment and clothing help you to be present and enjoy the nature more. Even in the rainy day, you can really love the weather, if you have good raingear from bottom to the top. 

Whether your nature experience happens deep in the forest or in a park, you can always be mindful sensing things around you. Feel the nature deep inside of you and feel that you are part of it all.

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