Bird watching in Enontekiö, Lapland

Yrjö Kokko birdwatching tower in Enontekiö Lapland

Yrjö Kokko bird watching tower in Hetta, Enontekiö, is a popular place for any migrating birds, and birdwatchers. The tower is named after a famous writer, Yrjö Kokko. Kokko was writer and a vet, and often went hunting in Enontekiö. He is especially known for his work to protect whooper swans.

The most rewarding time for bird watching in Lapland is early summer, from May to June. Ice on the Ounasjoki river starts to melt in April. That is when many migrating birds return but mosquitos haven’t been born yet. The most typical inhabitants in this area include smew, swan, goldeneye, long-tailed duck and goose. Siberian jays can also be spotted often around the camp, trying to steal a meal.

“The whooper swan still nests in Lapland. The Romans in the past saw the whooper swan only on its migration journey and considered it to be a bird of bad fate. In Finnish mythology the whooper swan is the ‘swan of Tuonela’, the swan on the river of death. It is as if the word ‘fate’ were written at each marsh in Lapland, at each hill and mountain.” Yrjö Kokko, The Fell 1961

The Yrjö Kokko bird watching tower is easy to find and close to the road. The tower is 9,5 kilometres from the Fell Lapland Nature Centre towards Vuontisjärvi, by the road 956. There is a small parking area by the road, and the bird watching tower is only 300 meters from the parking lot. There is a barbecue hut and toilet next to the bird tower. The tower is overlooking Joentekijäinen, part of Ounasjoki river.


Yrjö Kokko bird watching tower
Ounastie 1257

Other good places to see birds in Enontekiö are local pubs. And the bird towers of Sotkajärvi and Markkinajänkä. Sotkajärvi bird watching tower is located approximately 18 kilometers from Hetta. It is accessible by wheelchair and there is a fireplace and a toilet in the area.

Sotkajärvi bird watching tower
Hetantie 1635

Markkinajänkä, also known as Mannakoski bird watching tower, doesn’t have a sign and is therefore a bit more difficult to find. But it is also an interesting place for bird watching. It has a fireplace and a toilet.

Käsivarrentie 4466

Enontekiö, also known as Hetta, is a municipality located in Fell Lapland, northwest of Finland. Fell Lapland is where you can see the northernmost distribution of a number of bird species. NatureGate helps you to identify different birds that you may encounter in Finland.

Enontekiö also hosts the Fell-Lapland Visitor Centre, Tunturi-Lapin Luontokeskus, which presents the genuine Nomadic Sámi Culture and the diversity of northern nature in Enontekiö.

Tunturi-Lapin Luontokeskus / The Fell-Lapland Visitor Centre
Peuratie 15
99400 Enontekiö

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