Sailor’s trail at Merihelmi provides a place to wind down

Sailor's trail at Merihelmi in Ii

Sailor’s trail at Merihelmi provides a place to wind down along busy highway 4 in Finland. The Sailor’s trail, Merimiehenpolku, is a 300 meter-long duckboard trail around Merihelmi restaurant by the highway 4 at the municipality of Ii. It’s a quick rest stop to stretch your legs if you happen to be driving between Oulu and Kemi. Along the trail you will find a traditional Lappish barbeque hut and a birdwatching tower with a view over the sea.

The short Sailor’s trail is a sea-themed trail with information boards in Finnish, English and German. The information boards tell about the nature and history in the area, but the trail is mainly meant to be a place to wind down and gather your thoughts. Wooden anchor symbolizes faith and hope, and provides a nice setting for being mindful for a moment. You can find the anchor and a big cross near the barbeque hut.

Barbeque hut at Ii

The trail begins from the Merihelmi restaurant’s parking lot and it is accessible until the barbeque hut. You can also walk back to the parking lot from the other side of the restaurant, where there are few stairs along the trail. Despite of the trail going around the restaurant, you can bring you own snack here.

Sailor's trail birdwatching tower

Directions to the Sailor’s trail at Merihelmi

Merihelmi restaurant
Rynkyntie 9
95110 Ii

How to get there: The Sailor’s trail is located right next to highway 4 / E8 in Ii between Oulu and Kemi.

  • Car: Type Merihelmi on your navigator. The address is Rynkyntie 9, 95110 Ii. The parking lot is located next the restaurant on the left hand side.
  • Bicycle: You can cycle to the site but you have to share the road with cars.
  • Public transport: Buses pass Merihelmi regularly, see timetables at Matkahuolto website. The closest bus stop is called Merihelmi.

Accessibility: The trail is partially accessible from the parking lot to the barbeque hut.

Facilities: The barbeque hut and birdwatching tower. At the shore there is a small public beach and a playground for kids. Please note that the beach and playground are not allowed for dogs.

Special to know: As this is a rest stop by the busy highway 4, there are trash such as used face masks near the parking lot. 🙁

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